Thursday, October 26, 2006

jap and chinese text readability

In order to maintain readability for chinese and japanese text, normal text for those languages will be set at 3px while headers and parts that I would normally bold if it were in english, will be set at 4px. I recommend using the Arial Unicode MS font/typeface with any sub-pixel rendering (eg. ClearType) for even better readability.

I have also added profiles in japanese and chinese since I can easily refer to here instead of my wikipedia userpage in those languages. The part of the translated profile i'm not so sure about is the chinese transliteration of my name (do the characters for it have any meaning? If so, is it bad?), and the japanese translation of the name of my secondary school (Leave it as it is (ヒトデのカトリック教の中学(高校)), transliterate the english name (ハイーシングー・カトリクー学校) or use the same set of hanzi/kanji characters used in the chinese name (海星天主教中学)?)

edit (17 hours after the above was posted): I think i'll use the chinese name.