Friday, June 13, 2008

Condition of my PCs

Note: This post was originally on my main blog but was moved to here 6 hours after posting as it was unsutable.

Brief summary: My main PC is getting closer to being unusable

Detailed summary: My 2002-era desktop computer seems to be failing as it has lately been making a lot of noise from the processor fan and primary hard disk drive. Also, the on board local area network port has malfunctioned and the only way to get on the network is via the universal serial bus port adapter. (Unfortunately, this also means that the maximum transfer speed is 12Mb/s instead of the intended 100Mb/s due to the USB2.0 limitations) Installing Linux or using another hard disk is not an option as a prompt message appeared saying that files needed to run Windows XP are missing and won't even allow me to boot from the CD. Due to the lack of space and non-standard AT-X power casing, placing it on another casing is out of the question, and I can't put primary or secondary slave drives.
Strangely enough, I was able to install Windows XP SP2 on a PC that came pre-installed with Windows 95 and installed a faster CD reader (that had been replaced by a DVD burner on a PC mentioned earlier) and several larger capacity hard disk drive (14 & 32 GB) on top of the existing one (4GB). I had also installed a sound card and a LAN card (10Mb/s instead of 100Mb/s sadly) too as it did not come with them. Mouse that uses a ball to detect movement, keyboard and display from that era are also use, though it can use the today's wireless USB ones with optical LED/laser detector and LCD display, though not with the DMI connection.

I couldn't think of anything to type at the moment. Sorry for the many technical terms that might have been used. I might also might not be going online until Thursday for various reasons that I might have mentioned earlier. Since I would be not staying at a hotel when overseas, finding an internet connection can be quite tricky, though not so if someone's home network is not secured.