Saturday, February 2, 2008

Changed images

Reminds me of the phones by Samsung and Motorola. (Vodafone Japan is now Softbank)

I have made various changes to friendster display and background images which also includes the recently created 5th account. That account is now open to adding friends, with this person being the first (the other accounts you see added prior to that are mine). What remains the same is the background in the 2nd account, the layout and content and stuff. (Due to technical problems, the featured friends on the 4th account had to be redone) I have yet to reflect the image changes on my profile info except those in the media box.

The 3rd account (which is open only to the people I know) is where I temporally put up stuff for my other accounts. When I'm done with it, the display and background images would be changed to photos taken somewhere instead of an anime-related one (images taken in Akihabara are not counted in the latter). So don't be surprised if you see an image appearing at a different place than what you saw not long ago.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I have uploaded the drawings there, both the edited and unedited versions. Photobucket has make my life easier to sort images and look for what I want as compared to imageshack.