Thursday, February 7, 2008

Able to insert more text

It appears that I am now able to put in more text in both the "About me" and "Who I would Like to meet". The last time I tried, it got cut off when it exceeded the old limit of around 500 characters (despite it saying the limit being 10x more). Now I wonder what to fill it with. If you drop by my 3rd friendster profile (you can't add me there unless I know you or some of your friends), you might have some rough idea what it would be.

As of this moment over there, there are lyrics of a opening of a current (Winter 2008) japanese anime there and the links to my other acounts (also as featured friends at the top) with the images and text at the section it is in enlarged.

Now, I can move back the links that was in the media box and put in more (allowed) HTML codes!

Ps, I need to work out the CSS layout. It's barely readable at the current version.