Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Where's story 5?"

The rough idea of writing a 6th blog story is starting to come inside my head. When I do publish it, people may ask if I've skipped a number as, if you look at the navigation menu, there's currently only no.1-4 listed, with the fifth entry listed as no.6 and might ask what happened to no.5.

Well, there is a 5th story, but I'm just publishing it for a friend who asked me to put it up on my blog on their behalf. Since then, there has been no new parts written for it and I don't know what that friend is up to. In other words, it got abandoned as soon as it got published, and I'm already busy writing for story 2 and 3.

So what exactly will the sixth story be about? Well, it's based on an idea of the manga I read a few hours ago. Initial plans includes an another person's point of view of Mizuho Girls' Academy, which the most recent parts of the second story is taking place in, but that doesn't really allow me to tell much about what the like from a normal person's point of view. Hopefully with minimal interaction with the main characters of the older stories.