Sunday, July 4, 2010

Insufficient Time to keep up

So, with whatever I'm doing now having little time between reaching home and heading to bed for the following day (weekend is for catch-up), I do not have the time to do much.

As you know, I have a lot of blogs dedicated to certain things, like drawings, technology, and so on, including separate Japanese versions. I do not have as much time now as the time I made those.

With my stories first appearing less than a week after my birthday in 2008 (it wasn't planned), it seems that I am doing it full time with thousands of words for each part in recent time, though I wasn't aware of it until I looked at the word count. Just to let you know, I have no plans to publish it in print, and neither am I paid to write. People I've met did tell me to do so or asked what it's about. As the author, I can't really answer what my story is about as I'm not really sure myself and no clear planning was done. Also, the amount I made from the guguru ads in a month is not even enough to buy a thing at a 100-yen shop or drinks from the vending machine. Also, for the jlist ads, nobody seems to be buying anything via the ads on my blog, so there's absolutely nothing on that one.

Incoming traffic into the blog has been increasing since my twitter account itself became popular, and strangely enough, image search engines that had text containing those of my earlier post. Remember though, I am only one person and I can't be doing everything by myself. I also need a life and can't be spending my non working/sleeping time at my blog all the time. I need to head out with friends, visit relatives, playing video games (especially that recently bought PS3), doing whatever my parents tell me to do, and so on.

Story 4 is hard to write as it needs actual planning, but when I try to, ideas for Story 2/3 came to mind instead. A close friend of mine gave me ideas for the 5th story, but I don't really feel like writing that. Not with the backlog I have now.

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