Sunday, December 20, 2009

Music Player removed

Ages ago (in internet time), I've added a "Music Player" widget on most of my blogs. It's quite obvious as (at that time) I've turn on autoplay, though I've turned it off when I was sick of hearing the same songs. I don't know when it was, but I've quietly stopped using it when the music host (imeem) decided to reduce songs/playlist outside the site itself to 30-sec samples. Since I've disabled auto-play, I kind of forgotten about it, which is kind of good if I'm already listening to my own music when suddenly the song plays and it becomes annoying.

As recent as 8 December 2009, 12 days from this post (might be 11 because of time differences), imeem was bought by MySpace Music and entering the URL would redirect to there, with apparently no way to transfer account/music over, including official accounts.

This means that all imeem players I've embeed would be removed, including its code. If it's in an account that I've abandoned for quite a long time (eg. Friendster), it's most likely those won't be removed as I don't even use those accounts anymore. Links to my imeem account would be removed, though they might have already been replaced by a link to my Twitter profile earlier in the year.