Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New layout (1 July 2009)

I've changed the blog layout of the technology blog to the above. It's actually based on the earlier layout for my main blog in Japanese. This was achieved by removing the colour and background image of the main frame and applying it to the posts and sidebar background. The rounded corners are actually done with CSS instead of images. The disadvantage about the latter is that it has a fixed width of the entire area it is on without looking out of place, also it has the difficult to modify later on. Like the previous version here, the top navigation menu has been moved to the top.

The header and the sidebar navigation menu background image is actually the same as the background. With the CSS code "background-attachment:fixed;" added on top of that, it looks as though that there is a hole there. However, IE6 users might see the following instead:

Layout (CSS2) are not loaded correctly, video in first post (HTML5) does not load, PNG images with an alpha layer (transparency) is not rendered correctly, text is rendered horribly (WinME and earlier, WinXP without ClearType enabled), among other problems. Makes the blog look horrible when compared to the top image. Only reason why I am mention this despite being old is that many people are still using it. IE8 still incorrectly renders the top navigation menu and does not feature the rounded corners.

It's ironic that this updates blog does not have any layout changes for quite a long time. To tell you the truth, this blog itself is the oldest blog I have here. The blog ID has only 8 digits while the newest has 19 digits!

Speaking of new, Firefox 3.5 makes a lot of pages look outdated.