Monday, January 21, 2008

friendster profile updates (20 Jan 2008)

"Let me heal you"

  • 1st acc: changed to a new background and display image
  • 2nd acc: no changes, but did receive a lot of friend request and spam
  • 3rd acc: uploaded an anime character for primary and background image; photos of Japan grabbed from earlier today are uploaded there. Changed the name from 竹林 志信 (Takebayashi Shinou) to 高橋ゆかり (Takahashi Yukari; Same name used for my other blogger account). Noticing that 花斑浜 (Hanabuchihama) does not exist in Miyazaki Prefecture, it has been changed to Nobeoka (延岡市) at the revelent places.
  • 4th account: Only the display image was changed to one I uploaded quite some time ago. Smillar to the one used as the image for my group, with the owner being my 1st acc.