Sunday, December 3, 2006

an advice (youtube)

(I heard that the snowstorm in the US is quite bad.)

When uploading videos (especially entire episodes), try not to use keywords that the company that produced it or YouTube/Google/DCMA would most likely to use when they try to find videos that violates the usage of the video.
To make it less likely for them to find it, do not use languages that uses Latin based characters (example: English, Spanish, French, etc...) as they are most likely to search in that language and names used within Latin based languages are smillar. (However, if you must, try using full-with characters (like this) instead) Since YouTube, Google and many other companies is based in the USA, their employees are most likely not to understand languages other than English (and Spanish). So try typing the keywords, title of video and the description in languages like 中文, Русский, हिन्दी, العربية, 한국어, ไทย, 日本語 and so on.